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Introduced to art at age 4 from her grandmother, Toni was destined to follow her foot steps. Upon finishing her education, Toni Weathers began working as a professional artist in New York. Since 2017, Toni Weathers has worked on a variety of creative projects as the founder of Authentic Expression. A company designed to create a judgment free zone where artist can showcase their voice through art. Toni Weathers, has been known to push artistic boundaries. Her approach has made her one of the premier names of her generation. Since expanding to LA, Toni’s work has been featured live on FOXs premiere show JHud with Jennifer Hudson, the ModaSucker Podcast with Michael Blackson and the . She’s also acquired other celebrity clientele like Ellen Degeneres, Jason Lee and the Floyd Mayweather family. Her works have also been showcased in solo and group exhibitions around the world. 


As a creative and visionary, Toni has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a high level, wide range skillset and unique perspective. As her network expanded she decided to transform Authentic Expression to a creative agency that encompassed all her skill sets and inspired other like minded individuals to join her team. The TW Group specializes in murals, wall art, graphic design, staging/set design, and interior/exterior decor. Toni’s team is never content with standing still and always looking for their next engaging project.

"Art is so much larger than me. I create to educate and inspire others, to allow expressions to create the destiny they desire. Creativity has shaped and saved my life in so many ways. When I can provide that same hope and opportunity to others it brings me the upmost joy. I love bringing visions to life that seemed unimaginable."

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